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Scoop - Issue 32

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Issue 32 - The Expression issue.
The February issue is all about ‘expression’ and we are looking at this idea through music and poetry. As guest editor Joesph Coehlo tells us, ‘poetry and music translate the soul’. We look at how different cultures as well as different species use music and words to express who they are and what they believe in. We have features about beat boxing, an orchestra made of vegetables, a profile of Fela Kuti, two wonderful short stories, all our favourite comic strips, a look at the mystery of birdsong as well as the art of haiku and some wonderful poems from readers and published poets.
This issue is an invitation from SCOOP to find your voice and, as Joseph suggests, ‘maybe after reading this issue you’ll pick up a pen, clap your hands, strum an instrument or sing your words to the sky.’